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inVOYAGE Logo refresh and Website design


The primary requirement for the client was to launch a new website on their platform of choice (Wordpress). The website needed to be easy to update with new content since the inVOYAGE event is held in a brand new location every year.


The client also wanted to refresh their logo and bring cohesion to the overall branding. This updated branding along with the logo refresh would then be launched at the same time to generate maximum buzz with the client's audience.

invoyagelogo development.jpg
  • Manage the design process and development of the website. 

  • Quality control and testing of the website.

  • Ensure the website conveyed the aspirational modern luxury of the industry attendees and simultaneously let the location of the event take center stage.

  • Give the client the tools in order to filter the visitors that come to the site into categories and market to them accordingly.

  • Build the website and ensure it was user-friendly. The client would need to update the copy on the site often.

  • Update logo in order for it to appear consistent across all applications including Desktop, Mobile and Print.

  • Transfer copy from the previous site to new website build, this included 500+ blog posts.

  • Create a directory page of all the Attendees to the event.

  • Test the website is secure and GDPR compliant.

invoyagelogo compass.jpg
  • Logo refresh completed, resulting in logo split into 2 separate elements.

  • Guidelines stated to client on logo use best practice.

  • Transfer of all copy and 500+ blog posts from the previous website was completed.

  • Website filters visitors and assists in ineffective content marketing. 


When moving content from the old site to the new build, there was an issue with the size of the Media Library. The client did not have guidelines on best practice methods to help the website load quickly, this was directly connected to the Media Library size. As a result, to help with this I assisted in instructing the client on best practice steps to follow in order to keep their image sizes low but still keep the images nice and crisp. These steps have greatly improved the load times of the new website.

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