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Wordpress bespoke Website theme design and build


Vincent Flooring needed a concept that conveyed what products and services are available to the customer. "Above and beyond flooring" explains that the customer will get more than a wealth of flooring options when they visit the showroom, for Vincent Flooring provides a variety of products and services. Along with the concept, the client needed a new website to accurately show the customer what they provide. 


The second phase of the project involved launching a working e-commerce part of the website. Here the customer would be able to browse and purchase various flooring options. In order to make sure the customer purchased the correct amount of flooring for their needs, a bespoke Area Calculator had to be designed and developed.

  • Create a prototype of website before commencing build
    and development.

  • Build pages and populate with the copy provided by
    the client.

  • The complete first phase of the Customer Information part
    of the website.

  • The complete second phase of the e-commerce part
    of the website.

  • Work closely with development team and manage amends from the client.

  • Manage client expectations and oversee the accuracy of development changes.

  • Fine tooth comb checking of site quality throughout.

  • Manage client expectations

  • Add copy to customer part of the website

  • Manage amends throughout the development process. Making sure the Developer clearly performed changes
    as intended

  • Completed the first phase of the website. 

  • Managed client expectations

  • Delivered a secure, functional and fast loading website.

  • Launched the e-commerce portion of the site on the second phase.


During the build process of the e-commerce side of the project, I did not anticipate the number of options that needed to be taken into account when designing the area calculator. As the items were added, I had to adapt rapidly to any changes that arose and clearly relay them to the development team to make sure that this did not impact development deadlines.

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